The Blonde Shopper

The Blonde Shopper 2016-02-01T00:52:56-08:00

I am a blonde. How do I know what type of clothes to buy? I do not know what to buy for me. I love to shop at aeropostale at the mall.

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Answered by The Fearless Shopper

As both a blonde and a fearless shopper, I look for clothes that I love, feel comfortable in, and find in unusual places. If I try something on and have to think about it for more than ten seconds, I know it’s not right for me. I’m also a lazy shopper. If I love something and it needs alterations, I rarely buy it unless the store can fix it on the spot. I tend to shop in small stores and get to know the owner or manager. From experience I know what colors and styles look good on me. But I’m a not a personal shopper, and it would be difficult for me to suggest specifics for you without seeing you in person.

So, I recommend you take a field trip: Set aside time for yourself, visit different types of stores, and try on clothes that appeal to you. Have fun choosing various designs and colors. Be fearless, playful, outrageous, sexy, casual, or business-like. Try something you believe you would never wear. You might be surprised by what you like and what might look good on you. Work with the sales staff or manager (who, I’m sure, will be only too happy to help you decide). If you are uncertain, ask a few other customers what they think. They’ve nothing invested in your purchase and will most likely enjoy offering their opinion. (Not to discount a woman’s opinion, but when considering a sexy outfit, you might solicit a guy’s advice.) When you look in the mirror, if you think you look good, you probably do and you’ll wear your clothes with confidence. Bottom line: If you love it and can afford it, buy it.