Transferring miles from AAdvantage VISA

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I’ve had AAdvantage VISA for years and collected a lot of FF miles. Unfortunately AA no longer flies to the city I frequent (next closest city serviced by AA is 3 hrs away). Delta is my only choice of carrier. I’ve discovered in my search for a new card with FF miles that many vendors do not accept Am. Express due to high fees. Is there any way to transfer miles from AA to Delta or get Delta miles other than thru Am. Express? Thanks.

Alice Klinger


Answered by The Penny Pincher

There are a few methods of converting miles or points from one program to miles or points in another. You can consider using the exchange feature of Hilton’s HHonors program to convert miles. Conversion is a two-step process.
(1) Redeem miles from a participating airline program account into your HHonors account.
(2) Redeem those HHonors points into another airline account.
The entire process will take some time for all the accounts to get squared, and you are bound to lose a few points in the process. Currently Delta is offering a special promotion for transferring miles into Delta, due to Delta and Hilton Honors program ending their relationship in a few months.
A second option is Diners Club Rewards, which will allow you to transfer miles from (American AAdvantage and United Mileage Plus only) into points – with 26 airline programs. Beware that you might lose some of your miles in the transfer process.

As for a credit card earning miles with Delta, you pretty much are limited to the Delta Sky Miles Card. It used to be that many vendors would not accept American Express Cards, however, this is beginning to change, with more merchants accepting the American Express Card.

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