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A group of 3-9 of us would like to travel to Costa Rica, probably in January or February 2004. Where can we find good deals on airfare, hotels, and excursions?
Are there better days of the week or times of the month/year when we can get better deals? Our schedule is flexible if there’s a better time of the year to go. Thank you!


Answered by The Penny Pincher

I think that January and February are both good months for travel to Costa Rica. You can start to find some good airfares on Delta and Continental. I would keep watching their web sites and sign up for their email airfare specials. You should be able to get an economy round trip for $199 to $250, with advance notice and diligently watching for special fares. Good days of the week for travel are always Tuesday thru Thursday, with a Saturday night stay.
Travelers’ Tales has a wonderful book on Central America that could provide you excellent insight and enhance your trip to Costa Rica. You can find the book at

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