Traveling in Kenya

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Dear Kathy,

We’re going on photo safari to Kenya on a group tour. Is there
anything that you would recommend that we take with us to give to
Kenyan children that they would get a kick out of receiving from
Americans? Must be something small because we have a very limited
luggage weight allowed.

Any particular special things to consider bringing back from
Kenya—native and unusual?


Answered by The Fearless Shopper

Dear Andrea,

Bring a Polaroid camera if you have one. Not only will you have an instant souvenir for the children you photograph, but they will also love watching a picture develop before their eyes. A digital will also give them an instant image, but printing it out may be more problematic.

Take along small giveaways such as pens, magic markers, crayons, key chains, and patches. Slip them into the shoes you pack and you won’t use up valuable space in your suitcase. American t-shirts and baseball caps—especially with sports logos—also make fun, lightweight souvenirs that pack easily. (Stick hats in corners or use to cushion other items.)

Kenya is known for traditional Masai beaded jewelry, decorative stone carvings and tableware called Kisii stone, mineral specimens, hand-woven clothing, unusual carved walking sticks, and other regional crafts such as contemporary Makonde statues (usually from Tanzania and Mozambique). Wherever you travel, look for local handicrafts and watch the artisans at work. (The Fearless Shopper lists specific stores in Nairobi where you can find many of these items.) Small bags of coffee and tea make wonderful gifts for friends back home. Don’t forget to bargain in the markets!

Be safe and have fun.

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