Trying to Fly Untied Airlines to Mexico

Trying to Fly Untied Airlines to Mexico 2016-01-31T19:44:07-08:00

Dear Joel,

I read your response to trading miles being against the airlines’ wishes. How could I get to Puerto Vallarta? I have enough United miles, but they do not go there. Is there any way to use these miles on another airline that does go there? Any suggestions would be wonderful. I am going to P.V. to use my grandparents’ time share, and don’t want to spend $700/ticket for two to get there.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, Untied Airlines and Mexicana terminated their code share alliance in March. This has left a considerable void in United’s service to Mexico, without any immediate solution. The closet you can get to Puerto Vallarta on United is Mexico City. The other problem you face is the immense popularity of Puerto Vallarta—driving up airfares.

As an alternative, consider using the timeshare’s trading rights for a destination where United flies. The Caribbean might be a viable option.

Sorry I could not offer you better news.

All the best,


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