Upgrade on SUN-PRG

Upgrade on SUN-PRG 2016-01-31T19:42:03-08:00

I’m traveling from SUN to PRG next week on Delta, although my first leg
(SUN-SLC) is operated by Skywest, second leg SLC-JFK by Delta and third leg
JFK-PRG is operated by Czech airlines. I travel a lot and I’m member of
Czech airlines FF program and they are in alliance with Delta in Skyteam.
However, I have never asked for an upgrade. How do I do it? Please advise.
Thank you.


Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Martin,
Since your flight from SUN to SLC is not upgradeable, I would suggest that you begin seeking your upgrade on the JFK to PRG segment. You will have an edge since you are a member of Czech’s FF program. Call Czech airlines directly and ask them “what are the opportunities to upgrade on this flight?” Make sure to ask the phone representative to explore all options, i.e., miles, waitlist, complimentary, stand-by, etc. Once you start to explore the options for the JFK to PRG segment, explore the segment for the return flight to JFK and then your flights to SLC. Remember to be flexible, persistent, and polite. If Czech Airlines does not provide you with what you want, then call Delta and stress your membership in The Sky Team Alliance, following the same steps above.
Have a great trip.

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