Upgrading a Mini World Tour

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Dear Penny Pincher,

I have been doing a mini world tour using Star Alliance flights, and I am now on the last leg, back home to good old England and was wondering how after four months of constant traveling and getting a bit weary now, I can ask for an upgrade on my way back from Washington to Manchester? Any advice would be greatly appreciated; I did ring the airline and ask but they just said they couldn’t do it over the phone and to ask at the airport but is there a better way at all please?



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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Sheila,

The means in which airlines dole out upgrades always seem to be in flex. Currently, it seems that many passengers are having good luck with gate agents at the airport. My suggestion for you is to contact the lead gate agent the day of your flight and explain to them your recent excursion. Let them know that your round-the-world trip has been on Star Alliance flights and this is your last leg. Tell them that you would be very appreciative if you could finish your wonderful trip in style.

To read a good example of asking a gate agent for an upgrade read the following reader’s response: Upgrade Commitment under Success Stories.

Good Luck,