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I’m only 20, but because of my dad’s job I’ve traveled all around the world. I only recently (last year) joined BA’s executive club and have already been upgraded twice on transatlantic flights. The way I did it was simply to ask and it worked. I am flying to London this summer and I want to know how else I can go about this.



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Answered by The Penny Pincher

Hi Sait,

I think that I will start coming to you for advice—two transatlantic upgrades by age twenty is an enviable feat. My advice is for you to stick with what you’re doing and by all means continue to build your loyalty with BA.

To increase your chances for first class this summer you might consider using miles for upgrade certificates—however, I would wait until the last minute to redeem your miles in case you once again score by just asking. You can also try to fly on a flight with a full or overbooked coach section. This will increase your chances for an upgrade because the airline will move passengers from coach to business or first class to assure that as many passengers as possible get onto the flight. You can check on the load factors of flights by simply asking the reservation agent how full the various sections are on the flight(s) you are considering.

I also recommend that you go through the Penny Pincher’s Archive and review the several questions on first class travel. In particular you might review these questions:

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Let me know how your trip works out.

All the best,