What card should you never leave home without? It’s not the one you think.

It’s the new Triple-A card-Attitude, Awareness and Attention tips, offered by authors Sheila Swan & Peter Laufer in their new book Safety & Security for Women Who Travel. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you’re with, no matter how far you stray from home, carry this card to remind you to stay alert in your surroundings. Trust your intuition and instincts.

Swan and Laufer, world travelers, help lay to rest fears as well as provide guidance for women to travel confidently anywhere in the world. Safety & Security for Women Who Travel offers specific and tested tactics and techniques to help women travel safely and securely.

This book covers the basics and so much more. Find practical information on what to do:

  • Before you leave: pack a destination-specific medicine cabinet
  • En route: remember the buddy system, find a companion on the plane or at the train station
  • Driving: lock your doors when you get in the car as well as when you get out of the car
  • Lodging: conceal your gender by registering at hotels with your last name and first initial only

Also find details about more complicated issues, such as:

  • Money and scams: guard your PIN carefully as phone card thieves use binoculars
  • Dealing with officials: do not carry things that can be interpreted as illegal or threatening
  • When a threat is real: noise is effective; practice screaming before you leave home

In all aspects of travel there is an element of risk which can be reduced with attention, attitude and awareness. Safety & Security for Women Who Travelcontains memorable anecdotes as well as tips and wisdom. It will empower the most timid and most seasoned woman traveler.

About the Author
Sheila Swan Laufer has been traveling the world for fun and business since the 1960’s. From camping in Latin America to luxury resorts in the Old World, from long-distance buses across the American South to first-class airliner seats five miles high, from quaint pensions on the Iberian Peninsula to five-star hotels in Oceana, she has experienced the extremes travel offers-taking notes all along the way.

Peter Laufer is an award-winning journalist whose career has taken him to many of the world’s most dangerous destinations. While researching his book Nightmare Abroad, he traveled around the world, stopping in twenty-one countries, interviewing Americans locked up in foreign prisons. Another of his books, Iron Curtain Rising, recounts his journey through Eastern Europe during the revolutions of 19893990.

Safety & Security for Women Who Travel
Edited by Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer
$12.95, 150 pages
ISBN: 1-885211-29-5
Publication Date: November 1998