SandThe Bramobile Hits the Road!
Ride along as this year’s funniest book sweeps the nation

Events for our hilarious women’s humor book, Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures, have been standing-room only, and great reviews are pouring in from all over North America. The book is rocketing out the door at a faster clip than anything we’ve ever published, so we’re sending the “Mistress of Misadventure,” editor Jennifer Leo, on a cross-country tour of events and speaking engagements. Follow her daily blog as she writes from the road.Jen is on the road in her “Sand in My Bra” Bramobile making new friends, meeting curious onlookers, and discovering funny new material for a sequel. She started her tour on the West Coast and is migrating east through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Illinois — all the way to the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. The terminus will be Atlanta, Georgia where Raj Khadka, our editor-at-large, and his wife, are in need of wheels for their stint at Emory University.

Donate your bra and win 10 FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPIES
Let’s fill the backseat with…you guessed it, bras! Each town/bookstore/business that puts a bra in the Bramobile will get their picture posted on the daily blog that’s covering the tour. All bras will be entered in a November 1 drawing for ten free autographed books and ten Travelers’ Tales t-shirts—a value of $300. Take a look at Jen’s route, and at least a day in advance to set up a bra deposit. The winner will be announced on on November 1st, and in our November newsletter. If you’re not signed up, you can do that here.Have you seen the Bramobile?
Let us know where you saw it by signing our Braspotting list. If you send in a picture, we’ll enter you in our raffle to win 10 free autographed copies of Sand in My Bra. Tell us where you were when you saw it, and how Jen was driving.


(subject to change)
Sept 4, Portland, OR
Sept 5-9, Seattle, WA
Sept 10-11, Portland, OR
Sept 12, Eugene, OR
Sept 13-14, San Francisco, CA
Sept 15-17, Los Angeles, CA
Sept 18-21, San Diego, CA
Sept 22-23, Las Vegas, NV
Sept 24, Flagstaff, AZ
Sept 25, Santa Fe, NM
Sept 26, Oklahoma City, OK
Sept 27, Tulsa, OK
Sept. 28, Little Rock, AR
Sept. 29, Memphis, TN
Sept. 30, Nashville, TN

Oct. 1 Bristol, TN
Oct. 2, Greensboro, NC
Oct. 3-4, Washington D.C
Oct. 5, Baltimore, MD
Oct. 6, Pittsburgh, PA
Oct. 7, TBA, Ohio
Oct. 8, Loveland, Ohio
Oct. 9-10, Chicago, IL
Oct. 11-15, TBA, WI
Oct. 16, TBA, Indiana
Oct. 17-18, Chicago, IL
Oct. 19, Lexington, KY
Oct. 20, Nashville, TN
Oct. 21, Chattanooga, TN
Oct. 22-23, Atlanta, GA



About Jennifer L. Leo:
Jennifer Leo is the editor of Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures and co-editor of A Woman’s Path. She has written for books published by Travelers’ Tales, Lonely Planet, and Globe-Pequot. Her website Written Road, is a resource for travel writers. View Jen’s full list of works, services, and speaking venues at

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