San Francisco, CA — Men–the most dangerous, courageous and foolhardy creatures on two legs–and all because of that inescapable and sometimes uncontrollable hormone, testosterone! In TESTOSTERONE PLANET: True Stories from a Man’s World (September 1999; Trade Paperback Original), the three musketeers of Travelers’ Tales band together to bring you remarkable and memorable stories told from a man’s point of view.

Travelers’ Tales series editors Sean O’Reilly, Larry Habegger, and James O’Reilly gather the best male companions and travel the globe. Bill Bryson, Tim Cahill, Sebastian Junger, Jon Krakauer, Frank McCourt, and more all tell true testosterone tales with great aplomb. Where else but in a man’s world would one consider a punch in the face perfect, or a showdown with a wild turkey an epiphany?

Here, too, are tales of men traveling far and wide in search of identity, fulfillment, and community in Cambodia, a tattoo parlor, and the Bulgarian National Gallery of Art. Whether he tries to scuba dive in the world’s deepest cave or rescues someone from a plane crash, what he’s really looking for is something deeper.

Twenty-five stories by some of our most talented contemporary writers span the globe, from India to I reland, Alaska to Argentina, defining the distinctly male search for identity.

About Travelers Tales

Founded in 1993, Travelers’ Tales is devoted to a new kind of travel book, one that paints a portrait of a country through the experiences of many travelers. Travelers’ Tales showcases true stories and supporting anecdotes to create the depth of understanding that can only come from people who have been there. The series includes country and regional guides, body and soul, trouble and survival, women’s travel, special interest, and, most recently, the seriesFootsteps: The Soul of Travel, featuring single-author travel narratives.

About the Editors

Sean O’Reilly, editor-at-large of Travelers’ Tales, is a former seminarian, stockbroker, and prison instructor. Widely traveled, Sean most recently completed an 18,000-mile van journey around the United States, sharing the treasures of the open road with his family. He lives in Arizona with his wife Brenda and their five boys.

Larry Habegger, executive editor of Travelers’ Tales, has been writing about travel since 1980. He has visited almost fifty countries and five of the six continents, traveling from the frozen to equatorial rain forest, the high Himalayas to the Dead Sea. He is co-author with James O’Reilly of the syndicated newspaper column, “World Travel Watch.” He was born and raised in Minnesota and lives with his family in San Francisco.

James O’Reilly, president and publisher of Travelers’ Tales, wrote mystery serials before becoming a travel writer in the early 1980s, has visited more than forty countries, along the way meditating with monks in Tibet, participating in West African voodoo rituals, and hanging out the laundry with nuns in Florence. He travels extensively with his wife Wenda and their three daughters. They live in Palo Alto, California.

Testosterone Planet: True Stories from a Man’s World
Edited by Sean O’Reilly, Larry Habegger, & James O’Reilly
Published by Travelers’ Tales
Publication Date: September 1999
Trade Paperback Original
ISBN: 1-885211-43-0; 297 pages; $17.95 U.S., $26.95 Canada
Available from bookstores, 1-800-998-9938, or