Edited by Lucy McCauley

Introduction by Linda Ellerbee

“Travelers’ Tales books luxuriate in that complicated, beautiful, shadowy place where the best stories begin, and the most compelling characters roam free.”
—Foreword Magazine

Since the publication of A Woman’s World in 1995, Travelers’ Tales has been publishing award-winning books by and for women. We continue this tradition withThe Best Women’s Travel Writing 2008, the fourth collection in our annual series guaranteed to inspire women to take their first trip—or to continue exploring the world with wit, soul, and verve, as so many adventurous women do each and every day. These 35 stories cover the globe, from kayaking a wild river in Patagonia, learning to drive a tuk-tuk in Thailand to finding Eros in Venice. The perspectives are global and themes encompass spiritual growth, high adventure, romance, and encounters with exotic cuisine.

In The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2008 readers will:

  • Get carried away in Paris with Christine Sarkis
  • Experience real life comic opera with Natalie Galli in Sicily
  • Obtain a blessing from the River Ganges in India with Carol J. Arnold
  • Fight a bull from horseback with Diana Cohen in Spain
  • Explore lava flows with Martha McPhee in Hawaii
  • Get the best revenge on an errant boyfriend with Laura Resau in Mexico
  • Probe the meaning of tradition in Papua New Guinea with Abbie Kozolchyk
  • Meditate in a cave with a view with Kate Wheeler in Ladakh
  • Apprentice with the silver smiths of Niger with Alexis Wolff
  • Get up the gumption to ski down the mountain with Anne Lamott in the USA…and much more.

About the Editor

Lucy McCauley‘s travel essays have appeared in such publications asThe Atlantic Monthly, The Los Angeles Times, Fast Company Magazine, Harvard Review, Science & Spirit, and Salon.com. She is series editor of the annual Best Women’s Travel Writing, and editor of three other Travelers’ Tales anthologies—Spain (1995), Women in the Wild (1998), and A Woman’s Path (2000), all of which have been reissued in the last few years. In addition, she has written case studies in Latin America for Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and now works as a developmental editor for publishers such as Harvard Business School Press.

About Travelers’ Tales

Founded in 1993, Travelers’ Tales publishes the best travel writing from world-famous authors and emerging writers, with the goal to inspire and enlighten readers through true stories by travelers who have explored the depths of their experiences. The award-winning series includes: country and regional guides; books that explore the themes of women’s travel, spirituality, food, humor, and adventure; travel advice books; single-author travel narratives; and Travelers’ Tales Classics, a series which introduces out-of-print favorites of travel literature to a new audience.

Travelers’ Tales…the Power of a Good Story

The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2008
Edited by Lucy McCauley
Travelers’ Tales, February 2008
$16.95, trade paperback, 336 pages, 5 1/8″ x 8″
ISBN-13: 978-193236155-1
ISBN-10: 1-932361-55-3