Let The Gift of Travel Ignite your Wanderlust!

gift_sThe Gift of Travel: Inspiring Stories from Around the World
brings together some of the editors’ favorite tales from their award-winning books. These stories from all over the world reveal in simple and profound ways that travel is one of the best teachers one can have in life. Series editors James O’Reilly and Larry Habegger conceived the books with the philosophy that there is no better way to prepare for a trip, or to vicariously visit another region, than to listen to those who have gone before. “I’m pleased to see readers have responded so well to our original concept of being guided by stories, learning from others’ experiences, and appreciating the value of varied perspectives and points of view,” reflects Habegger.

Each book in the series is filled with true stories written by ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences while traveling—near or far, for a day or a month, on a planned tour or a spontaneous adventure. Some travelers have lengthy tales to tell, others simple anecdotes. All of the books are intended to speak to each person’s pilgrim nature, encouraging them to discover their own personal evolution.

“Travel gives you a fresh point of view, a sense of renewal,” confirms O’Reilly. “Whether traveling to an exotic culture or a nearby spa, we break away from our daily habits and ask questions we don’t otherwise ask—almost as if taking an outsiders’ perspective on our own life.”

For some people travel is an escape from the mundane; for others it’s an opportunity to try on a new identity; for still others it’s a salve for weary body and soul. But for all, travel is a blessing.

“Reading these stories is the best way to prepare for a journey and the best way to polish memories,” O’Reilly says. The Gift of Travel: Inspiring Stories from Around the World will light a match in the firebox of your wanderlust. Enjoy!

The Gift of Travel: Inspiring Stories from Around the World Edited by Larry Habegger, James O’Reilly, and Sean O’Reilly
$14.95, ISBN 1-932361-12-X, 240 pages, paperback
Publication Date: November 2004