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By Richard Halliburton
September 2000
ISBN 1-885211-53-8 376 pages
royalroad_s“When Richard Halliburton graduated from college, he chose adventure over a career, traveling the world with almost no money. The Royal Road to Romance chronicles what happens as a result, from a breakthrough Matterhorn ascent to being jailed for taking forbidden pictures on Gibraltar.




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I       The Royal Road to Romance
II      Humiliating the Matterhorn
III     Largo
IV      Mademoiselle Piety
V       Castles in France
VI      Hannibal Invades Andorra
VII     Spanish Dancing
VIII    New Tales from the Alhambra
IX      The Sirens of Seville
X       The Jails of Gibralter
XI      The Count of Monte Carlo
XII     Camped on Kheops
XIII    The Nile Merman
XIV     The Garlic-Eaters
XV      Tiger Tales
XVI     The Garden of Immortality
XVII    Adventure in the Punjab
XVIII   Into the Vale of Kashmir
XIX     Outlandish Ladakh
XX      The Strange Story of Leh
XXI     Back to Earth
XXII    Through the Khyber Pass
XXIII   Princess Padmini
XXIV    Renaissance
XXV     Byroads to Bangkok
XXVI    Great Snakes!
XXVII   Interlude
XXVIII  The Magic Stones of Angkor
XXIX    Dolce-Far-Niente
XXX     The Stowaway
XXXI    Pirates!
XXXII   The Bride of Heaven
XXXIII  Veni Vidi Bolsheviki
XXXIV   Welcome to Japan
XXXV    The Challenge of Fujiyama
XXXVI   To the Peak!
XXXVII  The Last Battle
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Richard Halliburton was a writer, lecturer, and world traveler. He published numerous books in his short lifetime, including The Royal Road to Romance, Glorious Adventure, andThe Complete Book of Marvels. Halliburton is known for having paid the lowest toll to cross the Panama Canal, which he swam in 1928, paying 36 cents. Born in Tennessee in 1900, Halliburton died in 1939 as he and his crew attempted to sail a Chinese junk, the Sea Dragon, from Hong Kong to San Francisco as a publicity stunt. The vessel was unseaworthy and went down in a storm, apparently shortly after Halliburton sent out his last signal: “Southerly gales, squalls, lee rail under water, wet bunks, hard tack, bully beef, wish you were here–instead of me!”