Written and Illustrated By David Yeadon

“For those of us who see travel as an escape, David Yeadon offers a profound corrective. He regards it as a transcendent insight into the spirit of life itself, and this book is full of strange, moving, and entertaining examples of his own responses, drawn from 25 years of wandering our mysterious globe.”
— Jan Morris, author of Fifty Years of Europe

“A treat for the armchair traveler; recommended.”
Library Journal

“In The Way of the Wanderer David Yeadon captures the essential paradox (and wonder) of adventure travel: that passionately exploring the world is one of the best ways to get to know our many ‘selves.'”
— John Rasmus, editor-in-chief of National Geographic Adventure

Caught in a daily regimen of work and survival, many of us long for the exotic and the magical. The Way of the Wanderer: Discover Your True Self Through Travel by award-winning author David Yeadon leads us from the foggy moorlands of England to the deepest jungles of South America and beyond in a quest to answer that inner call for adventure and spiritual fulfillment.

Full of mesmerizing and entertaining true stories culled from Yeadon’s 25 years of wandering the world, THE WAY OF THE WANDERER evokes smells, colors, noises, people and events that enrich the reader’s imagination. From the dramatic near-death experience in an auto in the Elburz Mountains of Iran to the spontaneous generosity of villagers in Italy’s Abruzzi Mountains, Yeadon uses his travels as a vehicle for delving into his inner self and reflecting upon those experiences that have deeply opened him to life and the many facets of his inner self.

THE WAY OF THE WANDERER allows us to expand beyond the clutter and bustle of hectic lives, to the mysteries, silence and secrets of life. It beckons the reader to explore “the kind of travel that tingles and reverberates and resonates and sends symphonies of enlightenment and transformation rippling through our souls” and provides the reader with a soulful and generous guide for the journey. Ultimately, THE WAY OF THE WANDERER is for anyone and everyone with a taste for adventure or the impulse to travel to remote and strange destinations both physically and spiritually.

Further Praise David Yeadon

“[Yeadon is] a very congenial traveling companion with the uncanny knack of blundering onto the real story of the place…”
— Tim Cahill, author of Pass the Butterworms

About the Author

A native of Yorkshire, England, David Yeadon has worked as an author, illustrator, journalist, and photographer for more than twenty-five years. An author of more than twenty travel books, Yeadon has specialized in hidden corner and back road exploration. In The Back of Beyond: Travels to the Wild Places of the Earth, and its sequel, Lost Worlds: Exploring the Earth’s Remote Places, he describes his worldwide search for the hidden, the remote, the unusual, and the exotic. He is also a regular travel correspondent for National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and many other major travel magazines. In 1993, he received the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) Lowell Thomas Gold and Silver Medals for best travel book and best foreign travel feature. In between travel odysseys, he lives with his wife Anne in Japan and in their Hudson Valley lakeside home.

About Travelers’ Tales

Founded in 1993, Travelers’ Tales publishes the best in travel and spiritual writing from world-famous authors as well as new writers. Our goal is to inspire and enlighten readers through true stories by travelers who have explored the depths of their experiences. The series includes: country and regional guides; books which explore the themes of women’s travel, spirituality, food, humor, and adventure; travel advice books; Footsteps: The Soul of Travel, a series that features single-author travel narratives; and Travelers’ Tales Classics, a new series which introduces out-of-print favorites of travel literature to a whole new audience. The Way of the Wanderer is the fifth book in the Footsteps series.

The Way of the Wanderer: Discover Your True Self Through Travel
Written and Illustrated by David Yeadon
Travelers’ Tales, May, 2001
$14.95 ($23 Canada), trade paperback, 286 pages, 5 1/8″ x 8″
ISBN: 1-885211-60-0