And the Winner Is…..

The “Tropical Delight” bra!

Joyce Block from Chicago who donated her bra at The Savvy Traveller on October 9 is the winner of ten free autographed copies of Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures and ten Travelers’ Tales t-shirts. Just in time to give to ten friends (or twenty!) over the holidays. Joyce won the prize because she put so much effort into sewing on the pink flowers with buttons (doesn’t the bra look great?!). AND, don’t think I didn’t notice, she also used PINK thread. Goodonya Joyce!

For those of you just tuning in, I was collecting bras in the back seat of the bramobile as I drove across country on my national book tour. It really added a lot of fun to the readings.

Here are some pics of the top contenders:

The three-boob Memphis bra from John L. Mc Intire
The first bra
Chicago Bras
Atlanta bras

Many people are already asking me what the gimmick is going to be for the sequel, Whose Panties Are These? All I can say is, we’ll see folks. Simmer down now. Simmer down.

If I thought collecting the bras was hilarious, you should’ve seen us choosing the winner. We had all the bras spread out on the Travelers’ Tales conference table. There were all sorts: old and ratty; big, pink, and padded; sleek and tiny; stretched out sports bras that got taken off right at the event; and big white industrial strength Queen Kong bras. Sitting in the middle of the table was our illustrious publisher, James O’Reilly, sniffing through the whole lot trying to find the one that smelled like patchouli.

But it wasn’t over then. I thought it’d be a great idea to take a picture of the winning bra. Then, our executive editor Larry Habegger thought the picture would be much better if I took my shirt off. “Larry, that’s what all the boys say!” But, marketing enthusiast that I am, I did.

Jen in the Sandy spirit
Jen letting you know this will not happen with the sequel
James sniffing out the patchouli bra
Our publisher loves his job