James O’Reilly, publisher and president of Travelers’ Tales, has been traveling since he was an infant. Born in England and raised in San Francisco, he has traveled to more than forty-five countries and lived in four. Before becoming a travel writer and publisher, James wrote mystery serials and was a researcher for McKinsey and Company. Since 1985 he has coauthored, with Larry Habegger, the syndicated newspaper column, “World Travel Watch,” and for five years the Relax Magazine column, “The Informed Traveler.” James has worked as series editor on more than 50 Travelers’ Tales titles, winning nine awards for excellence. An emeritus board member of the Tibet Information Network, he has been an active member of the Society of American Travel Writers since 1990. James is co-founder and co-owner of Travelers’ Tales.

Larry Habegger, executive editor of Travelers’ Tales, has been writing about travel since 1980 and has visited almost fifty countries and six of the seven continents, traveling from the frozen arctic to equatorial rain forest, the high Himalayas to the Dead Sea. Since 1985 he has coauthored, with James O’Reilly, the syndicated column “World Travel Watch” which has appeared in newspapers in five countries and on travel portals and Web sites. As series editor with James he has also worked on more than sixty books, winning many awards. He is an active member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) and Bay Area Travel Writers. He is a co-founder of Travelers’ Tales.

Sean O’Reilly, director of international and special sales and editor-at-large for Travelers’ Tales is a former seminarian, stockbroker, and prison instructor who lives in Arizona with his wife and their five small boys. As editor at-large, he also researches and prepares preliminary drafts of a large number of titles produced in-house, in addition to reviewing manuscripts and stories submitted for the Travelers’ Tales anthologies. His recent editorial credits include: Travelers’ Tales American Southwest, Travelers’ Tales Greece, Travelers’ Tales Ireland, Travelers’ Tales Grand Canyon, Danger!, Pilgrimage, Ultimate Journey, and Testosterone Planet. Widely traveled, Sean most recently completed an 18,000-mile van journey around the United States, sharing the treasures of the open road with his family.

Tim O’Reilly, senior partner and co-owner of Travelers’ Tales is the founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, the most-respected name in computer book publishing today. O’Reilly Media also runs a successful series of conferences on leading edge technologies and produces Web software. Tim is a trustee emeritus of both the Internet Society and of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and is a board member of ActiveState, Collab.Net, Invisible Worlds, Webb, Inc. (parent of Jabber.com), and Epit. He is a co-founder and co-owner of Travelers’ Tales.

Susan Brady, director of production for Travelers’ Tales has filled various roles throughout her eight years with Travelers’ Tales, having been with the company since its inception. She is currently responsible for book and catalog production, scheduling, inventory, print buying, and general office management. When not slaving over books, she lives the life of a typical soccer mom in the suburbs with her husband, three children, two cats, and iguana. Before coming to Travelers’ Tales, Susan helped birth babies rather than books as the director of The Birth Place Resource Center.