camYesterday we had an unexpected visitor. A gentleman walked into our offices and said he had just been to the SF public library and had found Take Me With You and started reading it. He got so excited — loved the concept, loved what Brad had done, and wanted to know more. He saw our address and jumped on a bus and came right over, hoping we were still here. He has traveled a fair amount, and really wants to do more. He was trying to find a way to do just that and had just that morning applied to Veteran Cab to drive a cab (another connection he made to Brad) to help make money to travel again. He said he was also investigating a course to become a merchant seaman so that he could travel that way. We gave him Brads website and email and told him about the Monticello gathering on 9/11. He asked for our guidelines and when I made him a copy I slipped it into a copy of Brad’s book. He was talking so animatedly when I handed him the book, he didn’t even know I had done it. When he looked down, he was shocked. Krista and I thought he would cry he was so happy. He asked to hug me (which was funny as he is a big bear of a guy — 6’3″ and about 220 pounds) and thanked us profusely. He said he would stay up all night to read it.

So, another life touched by Brad — and a good candidate for an ambassadorship.

Way to go Brad.

# # # #

Contributed by Susan Brady.

To hear more about Brad’s new organization, Backpack Nation, come to the Monticello Inn on September 11. See our event page for more details.

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