Edited by Larry Habegger, Sean O’Reilly, and Brian Alexander

Including stories by Paul Theroux, Caroline Alexander, Lawrence Durrell, Robert D. Kaplan, Nicholas Gage, Patricia Storace, Henry Miller, Laurie Gough, and many more

The land of gods and goddesses, of sunshine and myth, of glorious ruins and romantic islands, Greece has long lured the traveler in search of its splendid history and seductive Mediterranean culture. Only in Greece will one find such icons from the past as the Parthenon, Delphi, Mount Olympus, and countless archaeological sites. But Greece is more than a collection of ancient sites bearing memories of the glory that once was. It is breathtaking seas, rugged islands, dramatic mountains, and traditional villages offering legendary hospitality.

Travelers’ Tales Greece captures the country’s rich past and equally rich present with over thirty stories, creating a dazzling literary journey. In locales that range from Corfu to Athens, from Crete to Samos, from museums to bakeries to tavernas, these fearless travelers—scholars, poets, journalists, novelists, and ordinary journeymen and women—invite us along to explore this ancient and modern wonder that is Greece.

In Travelers’ Tales Greece readers will:

  • Explore the modern secrets of the Oracle of Delphi with Paul Theroux
  • Settle in with recent arrival Patricia Storace as she uncovers the ancient charms of her modern Athens neighborhood
  • Journey into the “terrain of lust and passion and hallucination” as Robert D. Kaplan explores what makes Greece so alluring
  • Climb to the abode of gods with Caroline Alexander on her trek up Mount Olympus
  • Travel to a perfect beach on Naxos with Laurie Gough as she meets a mysterious crone
  • Explore the rich spiritual culture on Mount Athos with Tom Joyce
  • Search for the truth about his mother’s final years with Nicholas Gage
  • Relive a perfect springtime romance, and the beginning of a lifetime of travels, with Don George
  • And much more.

About the editors

Larry Habegger, executive editor at Travelers’ Tales, has worked on virtually all Travelers’ Tales books, winning many awards for excellence. He is co-author, with James O’Reilly, of the syndicated newspaper column “World Travel Watch” a syndicated column that since 1985 has appeared in major newspapers in five countries. Larry lives in San Francisco, CA, with his family.

Sean O’Reilly, editor-at-large and director of special sales for Travelers’ Tales, is an editor of award-winning travel books, including The Road Within, The Ultimate Journey, Pilgrimage, and The Spiritual Gifts of Travel. He is also the author of the book How to Manage Your Dick: Redirect Sexual Energy and Discover Your More Enlightened, Evolved Self. He lives with his family in Arizona.

Brian Alexander is the author of Green Catherdrals: A Wayward Traveler in the Rain Forest (Lyons Press, New York). His writing has appeared in The New York Times, Wired, Esquire, National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Science, theLos Angeles Times, and many other publications.

About Travelers’ Tales

Founded in 1993, Travelers’ Tales publishes the best in travel writing from world-famous authors and new and emerging writers. Our goal is to inspire and enlighten readers through true stories by travelers who have explored the depths of their experiences. The series includes: country and regional guides; books which explore the themes of women’s travel, spirituality, food, humor, and adventure; travel advice books; Footsteps: The Soul of Travel, a series of single-author travel narratives; and Travelers’ Tales Classics, a series which introduces out-of-print favorites of travel literature to a new audience.

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Travelers’ Tales Greece: True Stories
Edited by Larry Habegger, Sean O’Reilly, and Brian Alexander
Travelers’ Tales, March 2004
$18.95 Trade Paperback
354 pages, 5 1/8″ x 8″
ISBN 1-885211-99-6