hawaii_sMore than seven million people visit Hawaii each year. Many of them see only the tourist spots, allowing only a brief taste of the rich and timeless culture of the Islands.

Travelers’ Tales Hawaii: True Stories, edited by Rick and Marcie Carroll, reveals the unique spirit of the Hawaiian Islands and their people. The stories in this insightful collection offer the opportunity to step out of your world and experience a moonlit monster wave, a seductive hula hand, a Pacific kiss, and a steamy piece of newborn lava as if you were there.

For those who come open and ready to receive its many gifts, Hawaii is rich in culture, history, and legend. While life in the Islands is built on tradition, Hawaiiis not a traditional guidebook. In Hawaii, readers are taken behind the veil of tourism to exquisite sites otherwise overlooked.

Island hop with notable authors Barbara Kingsolver, Paul Theroux, Maxine Hong Kingston, Jan Morris, Rick Bass, James Houston, Garrett Hongo, Simon Winchester and allow your life to be changed as were theirs in discovering the true spirit of the Islands.

In addition you will find The Next Step-created to help you identify what you need to know before you go to Hawaii including when to go, cultural considerations, important contacts, sites and activities, and a glossary.

About the Editors:
Rick and Marcie Carroll worked for the San Francisco Chronicle before buying one-way tickets to Hawaii. Their work has appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser, Discover Hawaii, Aloha, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Examiner, Outside,and Forbes FYI. In addition, Rick is the author of six Hawaii guidebooks. His anthology, Chicken Skin True Spooky Stories of Hawaii (Best Press) became one of Hawaii’s best sellers.

Hawaii: True Stories of the Island Spirit
Edited by Rick & Marcie Carroll ISBN: 1-932361-28-6 $18.95, paperback, 416 pages, 5 X 8 Publication Date: September 2005