True stories of passion, sweet romantic encounters and enriching relationships found while traveling will entice readers in what’s destined to become a timeless classic- Travelers’ Tales Love and Romance. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Travelers’ Tales Love and Romance, edited by Judith Babcock Wylie, will leave readers love struck and eager to be swept away on their own adventure of romance on the road.

Turn to Beth Clark’s “Tropical Temptations,” where a happily married woman encounters a native Tahitian tribesman and finds herself strangely drawn to him, discover how the memories of travel sustain a couple’s lifelong love in “Remember Africa?” or laugh along with a newly married couple when they stumble upon a Japanese Love Hotel.

Travelers’ Tales and United Airlines co-sponsored a national contest on “your most romantic travel experience,” which attracted an incredible response. When the contest deadline closed, Judy read each of the 500-plus entries, in addition to hundreds of direct submissions. The winner, ex-NFL football player, Frank Case of Colorado, won 2 free tickets to Hawaii. His story, “Equal Pressure,” was a touching example of how travel can strengthen a couple’s love. Six other contestants will also have their stories published in the book.

Travelers’ Tales Love and Romance is perfect inspiration, not just for Valentine’s Day, but for any upcoming romantic interlude.

About the Editor:
Judy Babcock Wylie is an author and award-winning travel writer whose articles and essays have appeared in over 200 publications, including Travel & Leisure, Brides, and Honeymoon. Co-author of The Romance Emporium, and an editor with Romantic Traveling (™). Judy also teaches travel writing at three universities. She lives on a farm in the Santa Cruz mountains of California and writes in a 100 year-old cabin in an apple orchard with a view of the Pacific Ocean.

Travelers’ Tales Love and Romance
Edited by Judith Babcock Wylie
$17.95, paperback, 356 pages
ISBN: 1-885211-18-X
Publication Date: January 1998