True Stories by Octavio Paz, Carlos Fuentes, Mary Morris, Pete Hamill, Alice Adams, Charles Bowden, Richard Rodriguez, and many more
Edited by James O’Reilly and Larry HabeggerFrom the wild terrain of Baja California to the crowded, exuberant and complex Mexico City, the country of Mexico has long inspired and intrigued those who visit its cities, shores, deserts, mountains and ruins. Mexico encompasses churches, bleeding colors, baskets, children, destitution, beauty, dust, rice, tortillas, silver, corn, sun, taxis, cities, small towns, plazas and mystery. These elements and more are explored in Travelers’ Tales Mexico: True Stories (Updated) covering the experience of Mexico from the tourist areas to the rarely visited rural corners and everything in between.

Newly designed, with a revised introduction and updated resource sectionTravelers’ Tales Mexico captures the country’s ancient past and equally rich present with over forty stories, creating a dazzling literary journey. In locales that range from the crater of a volcano to the small town of San Miguel de Allende, a variety of hosts bring readers along on their journeys. Adventurers, divers, artists, seekers, mourners, women and men invite us along to explore this complicated jewel that is Mexico, giving readers a true sense of what can be expected during a visit. One anecdote features a bus driver who, after ten minutes of driving, makes all his passengers get out, refunds their money, and charges off in a different direction.

In Travelers’ Tales Mexico, readers will:

  • Journey with Richard Sterling into the heart of Baja California where he receives a delicious egg recipe from a murderer
  • Wander to the oldest living square in the Americas in Mexico City asCarlos Fuentes recounts its myriad layers of history
  • Explore the enigmatic realm of the Maya on an evening walk in the rain with Peter Canby in Chiapas
  • Go on a pilgrimage to Frida Kahlo’s house with Alice Adams as she explores her passion for this intense, compelling artist
  • Enter the wild terrain of hallucinogenic mushrooms on a trip in rural Mexico with Kate Simon
  • Move to San Miguel de Allende with Mary Morris and discover what it takes to make a new place home
  • …and much more.

The book includes a resource section with information on weather, local dos and don’ts, recommended reading and contacts. Travelers’ Tales Mexico provides close-up encounters with the myriad delights of this sumptuous culture, and truly answers the question “What’s it like to be there?”

Critical Acclaim for Travelers’ Tales Mexico

“The perfect companion to the who-what-where guidebooks to Mexico.”
The New York Times

“A sumptuous feast of travel stories which will truly delight one’s imagination and sensibilities.”
The Mexico File

About the Editors

Larry Habegger, executive editor at Travelers’ Tales, co-edited the award-winning Travelers’ Tales Thailand. As a series editor he has worked on more than forty Travelers’ Tales books, winning nine awards for excellence. He is co-author, with James O’Reilly, of the syndicated travel column “World Travel Watch.” He lives in San Francisco with his family. James O’Reilly, president and co-publisher of Travelers’ Tales, wrote mystery serials before becoming a travel writer in the early 1980’s. He’s visited more than 40 countries and co-edited many Travelers’ Tales books, winning eight awards for excellence. James lives with his family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

About Travelers’ Tales

Founded in 1993, Travelers’ Tales publishes the best in travel and spiritual writing from world-famous authors to new and emerging writers. Our goal is to inspire and enlighten readers through true stories by travelers who have explored the depths of their experiences. The series includes: country and regional guides; books which explore the themes of women’s travel, spirituality, food, humor, and adventure; travel advice books; Footsteps: The Soul of Travel, a series that features single-author travel narratives; and Travelers’ Tales Classics, a new series which introduces out-of-print favorites of travel literature to a whole new audience. Travelers’ Tales Mexico is one of nineteen country and regional guides.

Travelers’ Tales Mexico (Updated)
Edited by James O’Reilly and Larry Habegger
Travelers’ Tales, February 2001
$17.95 ($27.95 Canada), trade paperback, 472 pages, 5 1/8″ x 8″
ISBN: 1-885211-59-7