TT Books in the Classroom

Professors are finding that the combination of talented writers and engaging subject matter in Travelers’ Tales books make them perfect textbooks for college classes. Some of the recent courses using Travelers’ Tales titles include a journalism class at Colorado State University (Travelers’ Tales Cuba), a travel writing nonfiction class at the University of New Orleans (Travelers’ Tales Central America), and Semester at Sea, a program that takes college students around the world in 100 days (The Gift of Travel: The Best of Travelers’ Tales). The State of Texas is considering adopting several Travelers’ Tales books as supplements for courses in geography and world culture.If you or someone you know might be interested in using Travelers’ Tales in the classroom please contact us at

About Opinions and Comments from the Editors:
Here the hard-working Travelers’ Tales editors sound off on issues of the day and events in their lives. For more about the editors, see About Travelers’ Tales Staff.

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