Strikes by the firefighters’ and locomotive engineers’ unions, and airport firefighters and security guards, could disrupt transportation throughout the UK through much of November and December and into January. The train drivers will vote Nov. 19 to decide whether to accept a pay offer or strike as planned. The firefighters’ union has scheduled a series of eight-day strikes from 9 a.m. beginning Nov. 22, Dec. 4 and 16. The strikes could close the London Underground entirely, but at a minimum the lowest 19 stations would close. The Channel Tunnel could close or operate a severely reduced schedule. Theaters, sports stadiums and other businesses could close because of reduced emergency services. The airport workers have announced a series of 24-hour strikes that will essentially shut down all airports operated by the British Airports Authority, including London’s Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, and Southampton, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The strike dates are Nov. 28, Dec. 2, 10, 15, 23 and Jan. 2. Follow news developments if your travels take you to or through the UK in the coming weeks.