The threat of strikes that would close seven major airports in the U.K., including London’s Heathrow, have been temporarily averted as the principal union threatening to walk out agreed to put the British Airports Authority’s improved offer to its members for a vote. If members approve the new offer the strikes will be canceled.

Firefighters, on the other hand, struck as planned Nov. 22 when talks broke down. The duration of the strike was planned to be eight days with other eight-day strikes looming Dec. 4 and 16.

Travelers to England and Wales next summer will be able to get a drink in a pub after 11 p.m. when a reform of pub licensing laws will go into effect. Currently all pubs must stop serving alcohol at 11, which creates a binge-drinking culture as the hour approaches and sends everyone out into the streets at the same time. Next summer pubs will be able to choose when they open and close, and will be able to serve alcohol at any time of day or night.