1. Summer Palace
  2. the Barkhor
  3. Potala Palace
  4. Jokhang

3. Potala Palace
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Few lands are as beloved, mysterious, spiritual, or controversial as Tibet. Travelers’ Tales Tibet brings this remote and fascinating region to life. Travel with world-renowned writers as they explore Tibet—from the flanks of Everest to the fabled city of Lhasa. Join the writers and adventurers as they work as extras on a Chinese movie set, visit the Potala Palace (eternal home of the Dalai Lama), enjoy a feast cooked by blowtorch on a high mountain pass, witness an ancient sky burial, and rebuild an ancient monastery. Pico Iyer, Alexandra David-Neel, Pamela Logan, Wade Davis, Lama Govinda, and Mark Jenkins all contribute to the collection. With an introduction by Heinrich Harrer, author of Seven Years in Tibet.



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