1. K2
  2. Dhaulagiri
  3. Kanchenjunga
  4. Kilimanjaro
  5. McKinley

3) Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world. It is in India.

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India is among the most difficult — and most rewarding — of places to travel. Some have said India stands for “I’ll Never Do It Again.” Many more are drawn back time after time because India is the best show on earth, the best bazaar of human experiences that can be visited in a lifetime. It has been said that there are 330 million gods in India, and there are at least that many varieties of experiences available, religious or otherwise.

India — monsoon and marigold, dung and dust, colors and corpses, smoke and ash, snow and endless myth — is a cruel, unrelenting place of ineffable sweetness. Much like life itself. And, like life itself (if reincarnation be true) worth visiting repeatedly in this turn of the wheel and the next.

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Notable authors include: David Yeadon, William Dalrymple, Geoffrey Moorhouse, Salman Rushdie, Rory Nugent, and Madhur Jaffrey.



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